Relaxing Weekend

The 4th of July weekend here in Wisconsin was hot and sunny, just like the 4th should be.  Not much was done around here for me anyway.  I visited my grandparents, watched movies, and had a really nice dinner at a new (ish, they opened in October) restaurant called the Horny Goat Hideaway.  If you’re in the Milwaukee area, and looking for some great al fresco dining, I would definitely recommend this place!  Right on the river, very cool firepits with glass rock – plus some at bar height as well, sand volleyball courts, a stage for live music (alas, there was no band on a Monday).  You can even pull your boat up to the slips should you be so lucky!  It’s in the 5th ward, which is an up and coming neighborhood around here, and I think it will be much helped with the arrival of this restaurant!  (don’t be thrown off by the name like my mom was….it’s really not that sort of place!)

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Take care of any household projects?


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