A Farmhouse Bathroom

Here’s one of those spaces that I think would be perfect in an old farmhouse.

I love the white beadboard and the medicine cabinets…I was thinking about getting one of those for my current house, but my husband and I have decided to sell it, so I’m choosing to save my  money! Yes, I know, this is not exactly a seller’s market, but since we aren’t in a hurry to sell it’s not so bad. We always said we’d be in our current house for about five years, so if it takes us a year to sell, we’ll be right about there. Time to move on and do something different!

Back to the image though…I’m particularly fond of the hardware in this bathroom. Both the cabinetry hardware and the faucets. I think those will fit in perfectly in my future farmhouse!



2 Responses to A Farmhouse Bathroom

  1. Our neighbor down the street has had their house for sale since right after we bought ours (June 08). I guess they also aren’t in a hurry! I hope you get your dream bath in your next place. I would love that bathroom.

    • admin says:

      I’ve been hearing a lot of that lately. A neighbor stopped me on my walk this morning and asked how it was going. She mentioned that it took her brother two years to sell! Thankfully, we’re not in a hurry, so if it takes that long, so be it!

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