In my years as a designer, I’ve seen tons of samples…upholstery and drapery fabric, paint, wood, stain, brick blends, sealant colors, even a tiny whiteboard mockup complete with a marker tray that I tried to take home.  (I lost to someone with kids….darn kid card.)  Maybe I haven’t been looking very hard, but I’ve never before seen anyone that did bedding samples!  I have a tough time buying things online, especially when I can’t get my hands on a little piece of it first.  So color me happy when I was shopping for sheets last week, and saw that Land’s End will send you samples of their sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases – absolutely free!! (I LOVE free.)  I quickly ordered my samples on August 11, and I had them in hand by August 14.

Fast!  So far, my experience with Land’s End for the home gets a big thumbs up, and they’re a local (to me) company to boot!  I immediately placed my order on Sunday, and I’m hoping to have something to show you next week…here’s a hint – I’m finally paying attention to a room that I’ve mentioned my neglect of in the past.


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