A Graceful Dining Room


A quick inspirational space for you today. This dining room was designed by a New York City designer, David Scott. I am in love with so many elements from this room! My favorite elements though…the wallcovering and the curtains. They add so much dimension and interest to this space.



Still Haven't Started That Chair


Argh.  Ok guys, I promise that this is the last post about my darn chair until I actually start doing something about it!  I have it home now, and it’s more or less where it will live.

Now, forgive the photoshop job on all of these following images, but I have a vision for this corner, and I thought that a picture was worth 1,000 words.  I know I want some sort of overhead floor lamp, because this will be my reading chair, and duh, you can’t read in the dark.  I’ll also need a side table, and a small one is in order here, so I’ve tossed in one from Target that we used in a past project.  I’ve also been hinting to my husband that I would like some bookshelves in that corner that relate to the little niche you can see on the right side of the image (ignore the fan…that’s not decorative).  Finally, with some of my options, I feel like I need a shag rug.

Like I’ve said, I thought solid might be best for ease of construction….but it’s so boring.

I tried it in a color (I don’t want to go dark as we have light colored pets)….and I still think it’s boring.  Better…but….

So then I went for prints.  I found all of these options on fabric.com for less than $10/yd, which is right in my budget.  The colors are all more vibrant than shown because I made it a little transparent so you could still see the outline of the chair.  I didn’t want to bother matching up the pattern because, well, that would be just as difficult as actually upholstering it!  So with that, all the patterns would actually be smaller than the bold graphics.

So NOW I feel like I have TOO many options!  I think patterned definitely looks the best, and modernizes the chair, which is part of my goal.  I think I may just need to order a whole bunch of samples.  Do you have a favorite?

Wingback Inspiration


I’ve been hunting aroung the web for wingback inspiration.  If it weren’t coming to me for free, it’s not a chair I’d typically consider for myself…so I don’t have a great idea of how I’d like it to look in my space.  I mentioned the other day that a solid color fabric is probably the best bet for me so that I wouldn’t have to trouble myself with lining up patterns….but I seem to be really inspired by patterned accent chairs!!




credit – also, could this BE a better incentive to reupholster??




credit unknown

…Of course, that’s not to say I can’t find inspiration in a solid colored chair…





Maybe my best bet is to split the difference?  A solid pattern on the chair, and a boldly patterned throw pillow?  Care to weigh in?

Fall Decorations


I’m not a ‘decorate for the season’ person…the one exception being Christmas. Though, come to think of it, I didn’t even do that last year as I was very busy and we spend Christmas at our parent’s houses so it seemed pointless . It’s not that I’m anti-holidays or anti-seasons, I’m just someone who tries not to create extra work for herself.

That being said, I do love when people decorate for the holidays, so I am happy that all people are not me! I’ve been spending the last hour or so taking a look at simple decorating ideas. Who knows? Maybe some of them will rub off on me and I’ll end up doing a little bit of fall decorating. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

The first three are from Better Homes & Gardens. I especially love the idea of just putting some pretty branches in a vase.

Using a bunch of different shapes of gourds in the same color can be quite elegant:

Or how about stringing a bunch of little gourds together for some homemade garland? Adorable!

Perhaps most simply of all, a nice arrangement of fall pumpkins, gourds, squash, branches and leaves is always nice.

 It’s no surprise that I’m attracted to the decorations that require the least effort. No wrestling with branches and corn husks to create a wreath for me. Nope, I prefer a much simpler, more elegant arrangement of gourds on the table or some dried branches in a vase. I think I just may have to make a trip to the farmer’s market this weekend to search for some gourds. I may decorate for fall this year after all!


Probably biting off more than I can chew


Ah, fall.  My favorite season.  Season of crunchy leaves, warm sweaters, scarves, cocoa, bonfires, and projects.  The unbearable heat of the summer is passed, and we haven’t yet reached the bone-chilling cold of winter that drives me to huddling under my down comforter and praying for spring.  Now is the time when I want to knit, cook, sew, and take on very large projects that are WAY over my head!  Maybe it’s because my mom always started making our Halloween costumes around this time?  In any case…I recently had an idea.  Cue terrifying sound effects.

A while ago, I posted about my naked corner.  It’s still naked.  I’m poor, what can I say!  I don’t like the idea of just filling it with something, and I’ve got a list of about a bazillion things that need to be budgeted for in front of new furniture.  But….my parents have been wanting to get rid of this chair for quite some time.

Now, it’s not suuuper my style, but it’s structure is in pretty good shape.  The fabric is worn and discolored at the head – hence the strategically located blanket in that really awesome photo.  There is also a bleach splatter on one side where my dad once sloshed some coming in from the garage.  It’s a recliner, which my husband loves, and I can rest easy knowing that it didn’t come from some dank smoky basement.  And it’s free…so that’s awesome!

So my idea?  Reupholstering.  Myself.  Um, I’ve never reupholstered anything beyond stapling new fabric on the seat of my directors chair and sewing a new back for it as a teen.  So a wing-back chair, that’s only about the most complicated item to learn on.  So that’s the one I’m going with.  Why bother hiking up hills when you can take on Everest, right?  Pacing yourself is for pansies!  Maybe this is how I’ve ended up doing triathlons without really knowing how I’ve gotten there….

The chair is arriving this week.  I’ve done a tiny bit of internet research, and found pretty good tutorials here and here.  I also happened on some book recommendations here and here.  In my head, I can get fabric for $10 or so per yard – fancy fabric on one’s first attempt at this is not really a great plan in my opinion – so toss in some misc. supplies, and I could get it done for under $200.  I kind of like the idea of white, like in my original post about that corner, but the husband isn’t so sure.  I think I’ll definitely go with a solid color though, so I don’t have to be as concerned with matching up a pattern repeat….or stripes.  Shudder.

This could go a few ways.  1 – I never do anything and we have a blue chair in our green and brown living room.  2 – I start the project and never finish, resulting in a half dismantled blue and stuffing color and as yet undetermined color fabric strewn across my living room with me rocking in another corner in the fetal position.  3 – I uncover heretofore undiscovered talent for upholstery and get an awesome sort of new chair.

Place your bets?

Don't you just hate that?


I typically do a good…well….adequate job of balancing my day job, my moonlight job, household management, good (well…adequate) wifery, fuzzy parenting, maintaining family contact, and a dash of a social life.  And then?  BAM!  I’m working on a pretty large project at said day job, and the first half of this multi-month project has had ri-dic-u-lous deadlines, the most recent of which was yesterday.  The thing about these deadlines – they come with internal office deadlines the week before!  So you slam into high gear about three weeks out to get things ready for that internal deadline, and just when you think you can stop and take a breath, the REAL deadline is still looming and you cannot. stop. moving.  And all those other balls I typically keep flying in the air?  Splat.  There are no less than three weeks worth of unread Sunday papers on my dining room table, laundry and grocery shopping would be unfinished if not for my awesome husband pinch hitting for me, and I could not even tell you when last the litter box was cleaned.  Thanks to my living at the office roughly 12 hours a day, seven days a week, sometimes this happened:

because no one was around at home to ensure he got food and exercise! 

My little buddy and I pulled through though, and I can breathe once again.  The kitty even forgave me, by soothing my rumbly tummy last night by acting as a purring heating pad.  I have at least two posts that I’m really excited to write, and once I catch things up on the homefront I want to sit down and give them my full attention.  So thanks for bearing with me if you’re still out there!  I’m back!  Until the end of October for the final deadline, lol.

– Kim

A Pretty Picture


Why don’t we start off this short week with a pretty picture? Hopefully everybody had a great holiday weekend and got to enjoy some extra time off! I spent a good portion of the weekend dealing with the 80 pounds of tomatoes I bought from the farmer’s market. Yeah, I sort of overestimated how many pounds of tomatoes I would need to can enough diced tomatoes and tomato paste to last through the winter. But all is well as I found ways to deal with the extra 20 pounds!

This bedroom is nothing like my bedroom now, but I love it. It’s perhaps a tad too feminine for me, what with the ruffled bedskirt and mirrored side table, but I still love it. It’s simple, clean and inviting. My favorite part of this room is a toss-up between the rug and the bedframe…with the chandelier running close behind.

I find as I gain more experience as a designer, my tastes are really broadening. I used to only like ultra clean lined furniture and spaces. I would have said I loved modern design and was okay with most transitional design items. But now, I find I’m attracted to all sorts of styles. Five years ago I never thought I’d be someone who could fall in love with such a traditional looking space. Things sure have changed for me, but I think it’s great. One piece of design advice I’d love to share with everyone I meet is that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one style or to what we think we should like. Like what you like, no matter what the style. Embrace who you are. You’ll be better off for it.

-Sara (Image links to source)