Don't you just hate that?

I typically do a good…well….adequate job of balancing my day job, my moonlight job, household management, good (well…adequate) wifery, fuzzy parenting, maintaining family contact, and a dash of a social life.  And then?  BAM!  I’m working on a pretty large project at said day job, and the first half of this multi-month project has had ri-dic-u-lous deadlines, the most recent of which was yesterday.  The thing about these deadlines – they come with internal office deadlines the week before!  So you slam into high gear about three weeks out to get things ready for that internal deadline, and just when you think you can stop and take a breath, the REAL deadline is still looming and you cannot. stop. moving.  And all those other balls I typically keep flying in the air?  Splat.  There are no less than three weeks worth of unread Sunday papers on my dining room table, laundry and grocery shopping would be unfinished if not for my awesome husband pinch hitting for me, and I could not even tell you when last the litter box was cleaned.  Thanks to my living at the office roughly 12 hours a day, seven days a week, sometimes this happened:

because no one was around at home to ensure he got food and exercise! 

My little buddy and I pulled through though, and I can breathe once again.  The kitty even forgave me, by soothing my rumbly tummy last night by acting as a purring heating pad.  I have at least two posts that I’m really excited to write, and once I catch things up on the homefront I want to sit down and give them my full attention.  So thanks for bearing with me if you’re still out there!  I’m back!  Until the end of October for the final deadline, lol.

– Kim

One Response to Don't you just hate that?

  1. I hear ya on the busy life, sometimes it’s just so overwhelming that there is TWO FULL BASKETS of dirty laundry again! Glad everything is getting better.

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