Probably biting off more than I can chew

Ah, fall.  My favorite season.  Season of crunchy leaves, warm sweaters, scarves, cocoa, bonfires, and projects.  The unbearable heat of the summer is passed, and we haven’t yet reached the bone-chilling cold of winter that drives me to huddling under my down comforter and praying for spring.  Now is the time when I want to knit, cook, sew, and take on very large projects that are WAY over my head!  Maybe it’s because my mom always started making our Halloween costumes around this time?  In any case…I recently had an idea.  Cue terrifying sound effects.

A while ago, I posted about my naked corner.  It’s still naked.  I’m poor, what can I say!  I don’t like the idea of just filling it with something, and I’ve got a list of about a bazillion things that need to be budgeted for in front of new furniture.  But….my parents have been wanting to get rid of this chair for quite some time.

Now, it’s not suuuper my style, but it’s structure is in pretty good shape.  The fabric is worn and discolored at the head – hence the strategically located blanket in that really awesome photo.  There is also a bleach splatter on one side where my dad once sloshed some coming in from the garage.  It’s a recliner, which my husband loves, and I can rest easy knowing that it didn’t come from some dank smoky basement.  And it’s free…so that’s awesome!

So my idea?  Reupholstering.  Myself.  Um, I’ve never reupholstered anything beyond stapling new fabric on the seat of my directors chair and sewing a new back for it as a teen.  So a wing-back chair, that’s only about the most complicated item to learn on.  So that’s the one I’m going with.  Why bother hiking up hills when you can take on Everest, right?  Pacing yourself is for pansies!  Maybe this is how I’ve ended up doing triathlons without really knowing how I’ve gotten there….

The chair is arriving this week.  I’ve done a tiny bit of internet research, and found pretty good tutorials here and here.  I also happened on some book recommendations here and here.  In my head, I can get fabric for $10 or so per yard – fancy fabric on one’s first attempt at this is not really a great plan in my opinion – so toss in some misc. supplies, and I could get it done for under $200.  I kind of like the idea of white, like in my original post about that corner, but the husband isn’t so sure.  I think I’ll definitely go with a solid color though, so I don’t have to be as concerned with matching up a pattern repeat….or stripes.  Shudder.

This could go a few ways.  1 – I never do anything and we have a blue chair in our green and brown living room.  2 – I start the project and never finish, resulting in a half dismantled blue and stuffing color and as yet undetermined color fabric strewn across my living room with me rocking in another corner in the fetal position.  3 – I uncover heretofore undiscovered talent for upholstery and get an awesome sort of new chair.

Place your bets?

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