Fingers Crossed…


…that this guy is coming home with me to live in my office!

I’m at the always scary phase of a craigslist purchase where I want to make a little lower offer than asking price while not losing the opportunity, as well as coordinating transportation.  This 6′-6″ table plus six chairs (that I don’t really need – I may reupholster one or two and re-sell the rest) are NOT fitting in my Corolla.  🙂


Guest Room


My sister is coming to stay at my house for a few weeks while she does a local clinic rotation for med school (impressive, right?!) … and the prospect of a more-than-one-night house guest makes me cringe over our less than stellar guest room set up.  I mean, she’s not sleeping on a straw mattress, but it’s nothing like these:

From Making it Lovely, though it’s since evolved into a nursery.

From the enviable Brooklyn Limestone

A design done for a client by Bryn Alexandra.

From domino, via Casey at Thrifty Little Blog, who has the same problem justifying money spent on a room that’s just not used all that often.

A great DIY transformation from Kate at Twenty-Six to Life – Seriously, follow the link and check out the rest of her room!

From Sara at Russet Street Reno – she thinks it’s plain but I think it’s pretty cute!

Like I said, I would love to be able to offer my sister more than my old twin bed, a drafting table with no lamp as a nightstand, and a floor lamp because the ceiling light has been appropriated for another room – not to mention that the room also serves as my husband’s closet and my sewing room…but I do have some trouble justifying outlaying the cash to bring it up to snuff.  Tell me what you think in the comments – is the guest bedroom a worthwhile investment?  Why or why not?

Dusting off the cobwebs


…by adding more cobwebs!


Seriously, if my to-do list wasn’t a miz-billion miles long, this would totally inspire my Halloween decor.  Sadly, the kiddies will just have to settle from getting their candy from a boring stoop this year.



When I first started out in design, I considered myself a minimalist. I loved the clean, pared down version of life that minimalism offered. In many ways, I still do (I will never stop hating clutter!). I think the initial love of minimalism had to do with being in school and studying those masters that designers and architects love to love (Mies van der Rohe, Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, etc.).

Now that I’m five years in, I’ve noticed how my tastes have evolved. I’m much more confident about what I like and don’t like and what is and isn’t good design. But even though I’ve come far from minimalism, I can still appreciate a good, minimalist space! I still love the crisp, clean lines and feeling of there being nothing extra or unnecessary in the space. Take, for example, the following spaces designed by Donald Billinkoff.

This light fixture is a favorite of mine. I also love the way the kitchen is broken up into large blocks of space.

These bookshelves are great. I love that wood!


Desk Alternative


This morning I came downstairs and noticed the laptop on the dining room table.  Again.  This totally bugs me, but I get it, because our office is Un. Useable.  We have a bitty corner desk, next to which is a file cabinet, next to which is a drafting table, under which is a little plastic drawer tower so you can’t fit your legs under and oh my goodness it makes me cringe just to think of it!  Any time we need to spread out papers, or look at something side by side, we set up in the dining room….with its big expanse of flat work surface….(!)  (That was an idea happening)  Why not just get another dining table, and use it as a desk!!  I’ve been toying with starting over and getting a bigger desk, but bigger desks just never seem BIG enough!

I mentioned this to my husband and he looked at me like I was crazy.  A DINING table in the OFFICE?  But, but….you can’t do that!  And I thought, well I’ll just show him how awesome it could be!  (Yes, there is still the issue of where does the printer go, but come on, we’re architects.  Surely we can think of something!)

source  How cool to build in little cubbies to shove stuff!


source  both of these last ones feature the Ikea Melltorp table, with moveable storage units below.  This is EXACTLY what I mean, and at $70 for the big one, the price isn’t too shabby either!



source  I just love the well worn wood here

source  Look how much you can spread out!  And that’s not even a huge table – it’s just deeper than all those puny little office sized desks.

source  I’m sort of lusting after the worn in look of this table.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to try out that milk paint thing??





source  She just set her printer on a corner.  We could do that!  Currently we have two printers, but we could probably consolidate to one and just let it live on the table.

I’ve even gone so far as to find some potentials on my local craigslist.

I think they have serious refinishing potential, and they’re all under $100!  The ones pictured with chairs even come with them, and who doesn’t occassionally need to pull up an extra chair.  It’s weird to make your dad pull up a too tall barstool.  Trust me.

So, I’m pretty much sold.  What do you think?  Would you do table as desk?