Guest Room

My sister is coming to stay at my house for a few weeks while she does a local clinic rotation for med school (impressive, right?!) … and the prospect of a more-than-one-night house guest makes me cringe over our less than stellar guest room set up.  I mean, she’s not sleeping on a straw mattress, but it’s nothing like these:

From Making it Lovely, though it’s since evolved into a nursery.

From the enviable Brooklyn Limestone

A design done for a client by Bryn Alexandra.

From domino, via Casey at Thrifty Little Blog, who has the same problem justifying money spent on a room that’s just not used all that often.

A great DIY transformation from Kate at Twenty-Six to Life – Seriously, follow the link and check out the rest of her room!

From Sara at Russet Street Reno – she thinks it’s plain but I think it’s pretty cute!

Like I said, I would love to be able to offer my sister more than my old twin bed, a drafting table with no lamp as a nightstand, and a floor lamp because the ceiling light has been appropriated for another room – not to mention that the room also serves as my husband’s closet and my sewing room…but I do have some trouble justifying outlaying the cash to bring it up to snuff.  Tell me what you think in the comments – is the guest bedroom a worthwhile investment?  Why or why not?


One Response to Guest Room

  1. Whoa, I just about fell out of my chair when I saw you put my room on here – how cool! Our guest room will be amped up sometime in the future, everything already in there will stay, it just needs a ceiling fixture, art on the walls/headboard and general primping. I totally think a guest room is worth the investment!

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