Bathroom Inspiration

I got an email question recently wondering what sites would be good to look at for bathroom or kitchen inspiration.   …that’s actually a lot harder for me to answer than you might think!  I mean, I pull inspiration from pretty much everywhere all the time, but when it comes time that I want to gather a bunch of specific images all at once, well, that’s different.  If I’m just looking for general ideas, I dislike going to a certain shop or designer or magazine’s website.  It feels too homogeneous for me.  Instead, I prefer going to a couple of aggregating websites, where you can search spaces by style or room type.  My favorites of late are Ideal Home, Yourchitect, and Houzz.  Why these?  Well, it’s partly because they’re really easy to use and have a ton of different styles…and partly because I wrote it down in a place I’d find it again!  🙂

Just for kicks, here are a bunch of my favorites from those sites for creating a light and airy bathroom space!

source Maybe it’s the weather turning here in Wisconsin, but a fireplace in the bathroom?  Yes please!!

source I love high windows in a bathroom.  They let in all the wonderful natural light without any privacy issues!  Also, floating the vanity like this really opens a small space.

source Don’t have windows?  Cleverly located lighting can have a nice effect.

source Isn’t it amazing how the light flooring, wainscoting and vanities brighten up what had the potential to be a cave-like space?  Proof positive that you don’t have to be afraid of dark, saturated colors in small spaces.  It’s all about balance!

source The window in the shower, glassy light reflecting tiles, full height transparent door – all great ways to increase light in the bathroom.

source Sure, this floor to ceiling glass opening onto a balcony defies that whole “privacy” issue….but for a tub like that…..  🙂


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