Pallet = table?

Still on the search.  Having not great luck.

source I saw this table last week at the Restoration Hardware outlet store.  It’s made of sanded reclaimed wood.  Sadly, it was still way beyond my reach even at outlet pricing!

source Then I saw this table listed on a site for a furniture resale shop I plan to hit this weekend.  It’s a coffee table, and yes, beyond my reach, but it’s made of reclaimed wood…from shipping pallets. Sort of like the kind hanging out in my garage from one project or another.  It’s not really a new thing, and it’s been on my radar as a pretty cool look for some time.  Let me show you what I mean!

source I love the twist on a rustic, cabin feel when used on a small niche of wall.

source Check out Camila’s DIY of this table, also from Restoration Hardware, also from shipping pallets.  She has a great how-to on her site!


And then I found something very intriguing……a full sized table tutorial.

source I would do it a little different if I go this direction…I would forgo the 1×4’s in favor of more closely spacing the slats, and I might even go so far as to fill the gaps before staining or painting.  My husband is afraid of any filler coming out eventually thanks to the computer mouse, but to that I say, “use a mouse pad!”  😉

So I think I’ll do this.  Unless I find the perfect table on Craigslist.  Or if it turns out to be really cost effective to have my friend’s dad build me a table just like the gorgeous one in her dining room.  Yeah…..indecisiveness is a bit of a trait of mine…


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