Project List

I’ve been making slow home improvements over the past few months, and I feel as though I’ve got all these ideas rattling around in my head for the future, and it helps me to put it all down on “paper.”


  • new desk Yay!!
  • new chair
  • floor covering
  • above the desk plan….shelves?  Tackboard?  Other?

Living Room:

  • round shaggy rug Yay!!
  • upholster chair – yes, I HAVE narrowed down those many fabric choices!
  • end table
  • overhead lamp
  • wall shelving

Master Bedroom:

  • new bed linens Yay!!
  • accent pillows and/or blanket
  • window treatments
  • bedside table
  • bedside lighting
  • end of bed linen storage bench
  • low profile ceiling fan with light

Guest Room:

(apparently I have no photos of this room…)

  • low profile ceiling fan with light
  • window treatments


(use your imagination here as well…)

  • re-hang newly stained handrail
  • figure out method to make stairs less slippery
  • window treatment
  • wall decor


  • non-broken faucet

Whew….long list, and I think the most boring item is going to win the race.  Yep, our kitchen faucet is broken.  Again.  How does this happen?  The faucet that came with our house when we purchased it about 2.5 years ago immediately developed a pinhole that sprayed water from the side.  We performed a very classy fix involving duct tape until we replaced our cast iron sink with a used stainless model that came with a faucet.  A faucet which now does not fully turn off without great force and precision on the handle.  Sigh.  So this time, we’re not messing around.  The next as yet un-purchased faucet will be top of the line – isn’t this sort of thing supposed to go out of style before it wears out?

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