The Office Chair

Remember how I was considering one of these?

They live at Pottery Barn, and go for about $400.  Yeah….not happening.

And then the Craigslist gods smiled on me, and I snagged this for $25!

It’s from Sheboygan Chair Company, which is extra cool for me as that was a local company in Wisconsin until it was sold in 1952.  Which means my chair is really old, and I get an extra little thrill of it not being completely off the shelf from a chain retailer.  There’s nothing wrong with that, as I’ve made the case for it before, but I do like having a mix of old and new.

I think my plan will be a very, very dark stain and probably a chair pad and lumbar pillow to help wean my husband off the old executive chair and to give me a place to start accessorizing and adding new colors and pattern!


2 Responses to The Office Chair

  1. I know you want to stain it dark, but before you refinish it, why don’t you try some Restor a finish and feed n wax just to see if you like it? It’s so pretty as is. I would be happy to bring some over if you supply the booze!

  2. Kim says:

    That sounds like an intriguing plan! I’ll send you an email – hope you’re a 2(3) buck chuck fan!

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