Old lights, new home

I opted not to use my old colored lights at home this year, but it seemed to me like a lot of wasted holiday spirit to just put them back in the basement.  Then I had a thought – where do I spend most of my waking hours?  WORK!  Sure, it may not be the most sophisticated space in the world, but it makes me happy.  And a little happiness at a place that doesn’t always make me happy is always a good thing.  Plus it makes the fact that it gets dark depressingly early a little easier to take, since darkness makes the lights prettier!

My husband and I each had mini trees from our childhood, so since he didn’t seem interested in brightening up his desk, I shared with my cube-mate!

Take that, guys on the other side of the office!  We’re WAY more festive!

Speaking of my cube-mate – how cute is she??  She actually made us little tree skirts last night!

So, do you decorate at the office?


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