The least impressive before/after of all time


So last week I mentioned that I made a purchase from Land’s End.  I had a really great experience with them – in fact I placed my order on Sunday, and had it in hand on Wednesday with standard shipping!  Considering I recently ordered a book from an Amazon seller that took 2.5 WEEKS to get to me (what were they using, the pony express?), I was impressed.  🙂

Less impressive, however, is my room transformation.  Because, well…there’s miles to go.  I’ve said before that I’ve paid no attention at all to my bedroom, and now that I’ve taken photos of it….it’s painfully, embarrasingly true.  (Also embarrasing…the picture quality)  :\

This is a somewhat accurate picture of the “before.”  Somewhat accurate because I really made the whole bed up when I realized I hadn’t taken a before picture, so I threw the old stuff on top of the new.  Bad blogger.   Anyway, we weren’t allowed to paint anything in our old apartment, so when we picked out our bedding, I was all about intense colors – hence brown and red.  We also had red curtains and some other accessories, so the whole thing looked much more cohesive than it does now.  The bedside tables were free (his the wood one with a horrible tiny drawer that holds nothing larger than a chapstick, and mine, the decorator table with a cloth that matched something once upon a time in my parents’ house and matches not one single thing in mine) and served the purpose of a home for the alarm clock, so we never bothered to get anything that didn’t look TERRIBLE.  I’ve mentioned before how I hate our lamps – very cheap and lightweight.  A gentle breeze sends them tumbling…not to mentioned a confused, tired hand going for the snooze button.  Plus now you can see the off-center, really far from the back wall situation I talked about, which makes wall mounted lights a probable impossibility.  We also have no window treatments because the white blinds came with the house!

Ugh.  So anyway.

I DO think that the new bedding is a step in the right direction.  I see so much white bedding in the decor mags and blogs, and it truly does create a brighter, crisper feeling to our room.  It’s like a hotel where I’m NOT afraid of the little germies from the previous tenants.  I chose shams in a matelasse pattern that feel really rich and substantial.  Bonus – they have a wide lap in the back so you don’t have that gapping thing that happens with other shams.  My white duvet cover was a bit of an adventure – more on that later this week.  But my oh my, has this brought to light the fact that I really SHOULD pay some attention to this room.  Thanks to living in the real world with budget constraints, it will be a slow, slow makeover.  But currently on the list:

– Bedside tables.  I’m trolling Craigslist daily for a diamond or two in the rough that I can make over.

– Lighting.  I’m leaning toward pendants with bold shades…but I think what I want lives only in my mind.  Perhaps an ambitious DIY?  Must get husband on board.

– A light throw on the foot of the bed would be a nice addition to my now clean white palatte.  Perhaps a throw pillow or two would be nice as well, but I’m really not one for unused pillows living on the bed that I NEVER make.  🙂

– Window treatments.  I’m not sure if I want to do long panels or roman shades.  I may lean toward panels, as we have the upper half of our windows open from about April through October.  I love sleeping with a breeze.

– Ceiling fan.  Speaking of a breeze…we have a gawdawful ceiling fan that I hate but can’t part with thanks to that breeze.  I’m on the lookout for something modern that mounts as flush to the low ceiling as possible.  In fact I need two as our guest room boasts a hole and exposed wires where a light should be.

– Pet bed that matches the decor.

– Countless accessories, and something to put on the wall.

Gulp.  I’m overwhelmed already.