Fall Decorations


I’m not a ‘decorate for the season’ person…the one exception being Christmas. Though, come to think of it, I didn’t even do that last year as I was very busy and we spend Christmas at our parent’s houses so it seemed pointless . It’s not that I’m anti-holidays or anti-seasons, I’m just someone who tries not to create extra work for herself.

That being said, I do love when people decorate for the holidays, so I am happy that all people are not me! I’ve been spending the last hour or so taking a look at simple decorating ideas. Who knows? Maybe some of them will rub off on me and I’ll end up doing a little bit of fall decorating. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

The first three are from Better Homes & Gardens. I especially love the idea of just putting some pretty branches in a vase.

Using a bunch of different shapes of gourds in the same color can be quite elegant:

Or how about stringing a bunch of little gourds together for some homemade garland? Adorable!

Perhaps most simply of all, a nice arrangement of fall pumpkins, gourds, squash, branches and leaves is always nice.

 It’s no surprise that I’m attracted to the decorations that require the least effort. No wrestling with branches and corn husks to create a wreath for me. Nope, I prefer a much simpler, more elegant arrangement of gourds on the table or some dried branches in a vase. I think I just may have to make a trip to the farmer’s market this weekend to search for some gourds. I may decorate for fall this year after all!



The Beauty of a Vase


 I’m a sucker for vases. I especially love when vases of different shapes and sizes are grouped together. I find I’m often lamenting the fact that I have very few surfaces in my house on which to put said groups of vases. Which means, more often than not, I can be found in a store gently setting a vase back down on the shelf, reminding myself that I have no place for it. Sure, sure, I could just buy it and put it in “rotation”. But I’ve found that as soon as I put an item away in a box or a closet, for use “later”, I’ll just forget about it. So instead, I just look at all the vases and vessels and containers that I want to buy and hope someday I have a house with places to put them all!

What got me musing about vases today? Well, this image is what started it:

It’s pretty much exactly what I want in my own house someday. An old, weathered hutch in the dining room where I can put all of my white vases and dishes to show off. Once I found this image, I of course had to do some online window shopping to see what was out there. And I found that West Elm has some really beautiful vase collections right now! First, there’s my favorite, the white:

But if you’re not into the white, they have so many more collections…and I want them all!

Which collection is your favorite?


More on the Rustic Kitchen


Because of my recent interest in all things farmhouse (okay, slight obsession), I have more farmhouse kitchens to share with you! I pulled these from the kitchen archives over on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

I really like the giant island in this image. I would love to have that much extra counter space!

What’s not to love about this kitchen? The island is great, the light fixtures are nice, the ceiling material is beautiful, as is the cabinetry and hardware. I personally couldn’t commit to blue cabinetry, but this would also look great in white.

Love the light fixtures!

What can I say? I’ve become quite the sucker for white cabinetry with a white backspash!