Light up my life


Last year, my old colored light strands finally bit it.  Enough individual lights had burnt out that I’d gone through all the replacement bulbs, and I was ready for a change to white lights for this year’s tree.  If I was buying new lights, I wanted to buy LED for the energy efficiency and the promise of long bulb life.  However.  I can’t stand that blue hue of white LED lights.

Luckily, the fine makers of LED Christmas lights have finally (maybe this isn’t really new news, but it is to me!) come out with warm white lights!  AND – they have some that don’t have those goofy looking facets that the early LED lights had!  They now have a shape that looks like traditional white lights, but I opted for these smooth spheres.


Hooray!  Now I just need to locate another spool so that my tree doesn’t look naked.  Also, I need to get a tree.  Might be a task for this weekend!