When I first started out in design, I considered myself a minimalist. I loved the clean, pared down version of life that minimalism offered. In many ways, I still do (I will never stop hating clutter!). I think the initial love of minimalism had to do with being in school and studying those masters that designers and architects love to love (Mies van der Rohe, Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, etc.).

Now that I’m five years in, I’ve noticed how my tastes have evolved. I’m much more confident about what I like and don’t like and what is and isn’t good design. But even though I’ve come far from minimalism, I can still appreciate a good, minimalist space! I still love the crisp, clean lines and feeling of there being nothing extra or unnecessary in the space. Take, for example, the following spaces designed by Donald Billinkoff.

This light fixture is a favorite of mine. I also love the way the kitchen is broken up into large blocks of space.

These bookshelves are great. I love that wood!