Light up my life


Last year, my old colored light strands finally bit it.  Enough individual lights had burnt out that I’d gone through all the replacement bulbs, and I was ready for a change to white lights for this year’s tree.  If I was buying new lights, I wanted to buy LED for the energy efficiency and the promise of long bulb life.  However.  I can’t stand that blue hue of white LED lights.

Luckily, the fine makers of LED Christmas lights have finally (maybe this isn’t really new news, but it is to me!) come out with warm white lights!  AND – they have some that don’t have those goofy looking facets that the early LED lights had!  They now have a shape that looks like traditional white lights, but I opted for these smooth spheres.


Hooray!  Now I just need to locate another spool so that my tree doesn’t look naked.  Also, I need to get a tree.  Might be a task for this weekend!


Tastefully Festive


With Thanksgiving 2009 in the bag, I now feel that it’s socially acceptable to start celebrating the Christmas season – I’m looking at you, retailers, with your holiday displays set up in September!  (I’m a firm believer in leaving my fall décor intact until after all that turkey has digested.  Thanksgiving gets the short end of the stick in terms of decorating festivities.  In my home, my thanksgiving décor is basically the same as Halloween, minus anything overtly witchy or jack-o-lantern related.)

What do the holidays mean to me, in terms of dressing up the home?  Well, I’ll tell you what it DOESN’T mean – inflatable yard ornaments, plastic yard ornaments in general, net lighting on a single bush, a zillion figurines….in other words, please don’t be tacky!  Like most everything in life, anything can be done, if it’s done correctly and in moderation.  I’m driven slightly nuts by the light up deer…in the city.  Conversely, I have seen them done quite beautifully, set around a picturesque pond in lightly falling snow.  I’m also rather thrown by the Christmas villages in which the people are taller than the houses!  If a village is your thing, go for a consistent theme…and scale.

That said, here are some of my favorite ideas for a tasteful showing of holiday cheer!  (Personally, I celebrate Christmas, but I’m making an effort to exclude specific religious holidays).

I’ve been looking for a new way to display holiday cards aside from crowding window sills or shelves in the living room.   I like the idea of stringing them up on various beautiful ribbons.

This jingle bell display is really unique, and has the benefit of looking “finished” whether or not it’s been filled with cards.

Speaking of jingle bells…I personally think they LOOK gorgeous, but can become really irritating if they sound each and every time I open a door…or my cat remembers where they are.  This brandy snifter, or any other decorative glass bowl, pulls off the look without the noise!

Of course, I love ornaments on a tree, but I also love to see them in unexpected vignettes.  Here, a bunch can be hung from the ceiling or a chandelier.

In the past, before I had space for a full size tree, I’d set my favorite glass balls in a bowl as a centerpiece.

Finally, I love incorporating nature, and plants at the holidays go way beyond trees.  Think poinsettia,  amaryllis, paperwhite – any of these make a lovely and sophisticated addition to your holiday look.

What are some of your favorite holiday decorating ideas?

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