Old lights, new home


I opted not to use my old colored lights at home this year, but it seemed to me like a lot of wasted holiday spirit to just put them back in the basement.  Then I had a thought – where do I spend most of my waking hours?  WORK!  Sure, it may not be the most sophisticated space in the world, but it makes me happy.  And a little happiness at a place that doesn’t always make me happy is always a good thing.  Plus it makes the fact that it gets dark depressingly early a little easier to take, since darkness makes the lights prettier!

My husband and I each had mini trees from our childhood, so since he didn’t seem interested in brightening up his desk, I shared with my cube-mate!

Take that, guys on the other side of the office!  We’re WAY more festive!

Speaking of my cube-mate – how cute is she??  She actually made us little tree skirts last night!

So, do you decorate at the office?


Breathe Deeply


Sometimes…it’s just one of those days. You know…your emotions are just a little closer to the surface, and everything just takes a bit more effort. Wouldn’t it be great just to pull the covers over your head and block out everything? Well….you can’t. You’re at work, where you are expected to be a grown up and not lash out like a toddler because you are having a bad day. Well, not if you want to come BACK to work, that is. So cubicle dwellers, how can you make your space a little more zen to get through those rough days?


I’ve found over the past couple years that lucky bamboo is a little boost to my spirit. The one pictured isn’t mine, but I also have mine planted in a red pot (a fortuitous color in feng shui), black lava rocks, and water. That’s it – and it’s still alive, despite my landlocked desk, with no sunlight in sight!


Scent can really work wonders, especially if you combine it with those deep, calming, cleansing breaths. I have one like this in sandalwood, and I’ve found that the reed diffuser is a harmonious addition to the workplace, as it’s not too powerful. (Believe me, my desk neighbors would have something to say if it was too pungent.) Plus in a pretty container, it’s nice to look at as well.


Don’t have a desk to call your own? Try one of these little sachets, filled with lavender. “Lavender is natural anti-depressant that relives insomnia, headaches and stress.” Just pop one in your bag or pockets, and take a whiff when the day gets a little hairy. I think I need to add one to my arsenal….

What do you do to unwind if you can’t curl up in a pair of sweats?