Decision Time


Here goes – the final 6 choices for my chair project.  I have a front runner in mind, but I thought I’d put the options out there for the masses….er, well, the 4 of you actually reading this.

Option 1:

Option 2:

These first two were the winners from my first round of samples.  For reference, the other side of my room looks like this, hence the love for brown:

(The chair is just on the other side of the green wall, where the striped rug is in the foreground.)

Option 3:

Options 4 and 5:

These two are essentially the same, but one has a more traditional fleur de lis pattern, while the other has a more botanical theme.

Option 6:

Sorry for the blurriness here – this one feels like sort of a combination between 5 and 6, but on a more natural canvas/ burlap colored background.

So there you go – the final 6.  I’m done looking at options for fear of adding another 6 options, so I’m definitely going with one of these.  Tell me your vote in the comments!

(Edit: Sorry about the wacky formatting!  I think I fixed it!)


More Indecision


Maybe I should just go for a patchwork theme?

The rug is a tiny bit of progress though toward the final vision!  It’s from Overstock, and the pets are a big fan of burrowing into it.

Still Haven't Started That Chair


Argh.  Ok guys, I promise that this is the last post about my darn chair until I actually start doing something about it!  I have it home now, and it’s more or less where it will live.

Now, forgive the photoshop job on all of these following images, but I have a vision for this corner, and I thought that a picture was worth 1,000 words.  I know I want some sort of overhead floor lamp, because this will be my reading chair, and duh, you can’t read in the dark.  I’ll also need a side table, and a small one is in order here, so I’ve tossed in one from Target that we used in a past project.  I’ve also been hinting to my husband that I would like some bookshelves in that corner that relate to the little niche you can see on the right side of the image (ignore the fan…that’s not decorative).  Finally, with some of my options, I feel like I need a shag rug.

Like I’ve said, I thought solid might be best for ease of construction….but it’s so boring.

I tried it in a color (I don’t want to go dark as we have light colored pets)….and I still think it’s boring.  Better…but….

So then I went for prints.  I found all of these options on for less than $10/yd, which is right in my budget.  The colors are all more vibrant than shown because I made it a little transparent so you could still see the outline of the chair.  I didn’t want to bother matching up the pattern because, well, that would be just as difficult as actually upholstering it!  So with that, all the patterns would actually be smaller than the bold graphics.

So NOW I feel like I have TOO many options!  I think patterned definitely looks the best, and modernizes the chair, which is part of my goal.  I think I may just need to order a whole bunch of samples.  Do you have a favorite?

Wingback Inspiration


I’ve been hunting aroung the web for wingback inspiration.  If it weren’t coming to me for free, it’s not a chair I’d typically consider for myself…so I don’t have a great idea of how I’d like it to look in my space.  I mentioned the other day that a solid color fabric is probably the best bet for me so that I wouldn’t have to trouble myself with lining up patterns….but I seem to be really inspired by patterned accent chairs!!




credit – also, could this BE a better incentive to reupholster??




credit unknown

…Of course, that’s not to say I can’t find inspiration in a solid colored chair…





Maybe my best bet is to split the difference?  A solid pattern on the chair, and a boldly patterned throw pillow?  Care to weigh in?