The Beauty of a Vase


 I’m a sucker for vases. I especially love when vases of different shapes and sizes are grouped together. I find I’m often lamenting the fact that I have very few surfaces in my house on which to put said groups of vases. Which means, more often than not, I can be found in a store gently setting a vase back down on the shelf, reminding myself that I have no place for it. Sure, sure, I could just buy it and put it in “rotation”. But I’ve found that as soon as I put an item away in a box or a closet, for use “later”, I’ll just forget about it. So instead, I just look at all the vases and vessels and containers that I want to buy and hope someday I have a house with places to put them all!

What got me musing about vases today? Well, this image is what started it:

It’s pretty much exactly what I want in my own house someday. An old, weathered hutch in the dining room where I can put all of my white vases and dishes to show off. Once I found this image, I of course had to do some online window shopping to see what was out there. And I found that West Elm has some really beautiful vase collections right now! First, there’s my favorite, the white:

But if you’re not into the white, they have so many more collections…and I want them all!

Which collection is your favorite?