About Kim

Kim Frerichs is one of the founding partners of EFeDesigns.  Kim grew up in Wisconsin, and officially put down her roots here as well in order to be near her family.  She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for both her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture, and graduated with honors.  Her thesis had an emphasis on experiential design and its effect on education.  Kim felt lucky to have an architecture school ranked among the top twenty in the nation right in her own backyard!

Kim has worked for firms both large and small for six years.  She believes that sustainability in design and in life is not merely a passing fad, but the way things should be without question.  She has been a LEED Accredited Professional, a certification through the United States Green Building Council, since 2008.  She is currently sitting for her architectural license through the National Council of Architectural Review Boards.

Because Kim married a fellow architect, their personal decorating style is a collaborative process.  While many husbands may not care what the sofa looks like, Darin does!  Luckily, both prefer a “livable modern” style to their personal decorating.  They like clean lines and not much clutter, but still want a home that looks lived in and comfortable rather than something out of a magazine.  Their home is an evolving work in progress, and Kim believes that layered look, grown over time, is a much more organic fit than a decorating frenzy that arrives all in one day and never changes.  While a master plan is definitely key to keep things from looking scattered and incoherent, a little variety is important to keep a space fresh.

Kim lives in Milwaukee, WI with her husband Darin, their spoiled cat, and new (soon to be spoiled) dog.


One Response to About Kim

  1. I wish I had the brain for the math and planning that goes behind building, remodeling and all these projects I try to take on. I’m learning, though! I didn’t realize you ladies were in Milwaukee, we’re neighbors!

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