About EFeDesigns’ Services

EFeDesigns is a women owned design business based in southeastern Wisconsin, but we serve clients located anywhere in the country.  We bring experience in interior design and architecture tailored to suit your design needs.

We offer a variety of services, from our standard EFeDesigns package to full design services to anything in-between. We serve residential and small business clients who want high quality, personalized design at a reasonable rate.

The standard EFeDesigns package is intended for those clients who do not need a designer’s full range of services. Perhaps they only need help with one or two rooms or they have a small budget. They may not have the time to design on their own or they don’t know where to start and are looking for assistance. Our package is designed specifically for this client.

How it works:

  • Send us an email at info@efedesigns.com to get started.  Give us a brief overview of the scope of your project.
  • We’ll send you a questionnaire and some sample images to get a sense of your style.
  • Return this information along with digital photos of your space (and the exterior if applicable) and measured drawings – we’ll provide step by step instruction on how to measure your space.  Also feel free to send any images from the web or magazines that you find particularly inspiring.  The more information we can get from you, the better we can interpret your design goals!
  • In about six weeks, the client will receive a personal project portfolio including:
    • Floor plans drawn to scale
    • Elevations
    • Furniture and fixture information cut sheets
    • Material and fabric samples
    • Shopping list or product order form
    • Guidelines for how to pull space together
  • Finally, send us photos of your completed space!  We love to hear feedback on your project, and if you have any desires that were not addressed.  We want our clients coming back, and want to tailor our process to best serve you.

We are also available for any other design needs our clients may have.  If you are local to the Milwaukee or Chicago area and desire expanded design services, e-mail us for more information.

Have questions or want information on our rates?  Contact us at info@efedesigns.com.

Want to join our mailing list?  Send your email address to info@efedesigns.com or leave it in the comments section!

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  2. […] About EFeDesigns’ Services […]

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