Wintry White


Just as I believe that black, charcoal gray and chocolate brown help to ground a space, using white helps to refresh a space.  Here are a few white accessories that I think would look good in just about any space.

Viva Terra

Viva Terra

Viva Terra

Carnegie (fabric)

How about a little black and white together?  Viva Terra.

West Elm

West Elm


Flower Art from Chiasso in Chicago.



Home Office Envy


Image from

Oh how I would love to tuck into an office like this.  I’ve loved the wall-of-books look for quite some time – isuwanee has a bookcase of the day feature that often confirms this love.  I wish that the windows in my home didn’t tend to be located so close to the corners of my rooms – I would love to build a wall like this.  I suppose for now I’ll have to settle for living in pictures.  My only addition would be a warm area rug (not too big – I wouldn’t want to lose that gleaming hardwood!).  Perhaps something like this

Felix rug from Crate and Barrel, or this

more budget minded option from Target.

What’s in your dream office?


Currently Loving: Mod Lamps


I came across these lamps at Crate & Barrel just now and had to share them.

Aren’t they great?  These bright cubes of color may just do the trick lifting the winter doldrums!


Oh Wisconsin


It’s almost February.  It’s cold here.  And dreary.  And if it’s not dreary/foggy/rainy/snowing….it will be sunny, and 14 degrees.  (That’s actually the forecast for Friday, and that’s the HIGH.)  It’s difficult to feel inspired when you’re riding a wave of vitamin D deficiency, but I’m trying.  The image above, which hopefully links to Kindred, is my winter desktop image for the second year in a row, and it helps.  It’s so simple, and so warm looking.  Also, it makes me want to knit, which I am slowly learning.  (My husband is thrilled, because it means I bought a ton of yarn, and tangled it into a giant knot when trying to wind it into a ball, and got frustrated, so he was nice enough to untangle it without strangling me with it.)  I also plan to adopt someone’s grandmother so that she can teach me more than the absolute basics.


What do you do to keep inspired in the depths of winter?

My Dream Dining Room


When my husband and I bought our house, I bought furniture because we needed it.  Since we didn’t have a lot of money for said furniture, I had to buy what I could afford and not necessarily what I really wanted.  Sure, I found pieces that I liked in my price range, but if I had had more money I definitely would have bought different things.

Our furniture is holding up three years later, but I find myself dreaming about the pieces I hope to buy someday.  Call them our permanent pieces rather than starter pieces.  So far I’ve got our dining room furniture picked out.

First of all, The Table:


My dream table is simply a beautiful slab of wood.  I’d like the legs to be more refined than the ones shown here, but you get the general idea.  I was really excited to find the maker of this table, as he is located in Illinois and harvests trees from his own forest.  Granted, he (David Stine) is in southern Illinois and it’s about a six hour drive from where I live, but that’s a doable weekend trip!  Now I just need to start saving.  Otherwise, there is an affordable version that I also like sold at CB2, click here to see it.

Next, The Light Fixture:


This light fixture is from Viva Terra and I have been coveting it ever since I saw it–originally I really wanted the darker color, but now I’m leaning towards the white.  I think it would be beautiful over my future table. 

Finally, The Chair.  For the chair, I just want something very simple and classic so as not to compete with The Table and The Light Fixture.  While I love the nubby fabric shown on this chair from Crate & Barrel, I’d probably want my chairs to be leather so they’d be easier to clean up. 

I also love this chair, but could not copy the picture.

Guess I’d better start saving!


Currently Loving


What’s this?? My ipod headphones wrapped neatly around my ipod and not snaking around every other item in my purse! It’s a miracle!

…Actually it’s my nifty new ipod case from the talented Angie of Byrd and Belle. I love the wool case cushioning my constant companion from (more) scratches, and the leather strap is a tailored touch (that smells good too)! I’d held off on getting a case for almost a year because I couldn’t find anything that really appealed to me. I love this one not only for looks and functionality, but I love that I’m supporting a local (in terms of LEED standards – she’s within 500 miles) artist. Plus I’m feeling a particular kinship toward her since she’s formerly in my field and was a victim of this crummy economy – but she doesn’t act like a victim at all. She took a crummy situation and turned it into a thriving small business, with write-ups everywhere from Etsy to the New York Times to Lifehacker.

Thanks Angie!


Turquoise In Action


Recently Kim wrote a post about 2010’s forecasted hot color, turquoise.  Here are just a few images I’ve come across using turqoise while trolling around the internet.  The first two images are from Elle Decor:

That gorgeous wallcovering is a Stacey Garcia design carried by York Wallcoverings.  The last image is from West Elm:

Be sure to check back as I’ll be posting more images of this great color as I find them!