California Rustic

I’m kind of amazed at just how much I’ve been drawn to very clean, stark interiors lately. Gray is usually my neutral of choice, but I’m really into white these days. Maybe I’m just feeling color overload or maybe I just have too many things going on inside my head and white just makes things less hectic.

No matter what, a white interior still needs to be designed. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shades of white and getting the correct one can be tricky. After selecting the right white, carefully selecting furniture and accessories will help to look a white space look pulled together instead of cluttered.

One example of white done right is this Southern Californian home designed by Michael and Alexandra Misczynski of Atelier AM. My favorite room in this house is the dining room:

I think the wood floors are beautiful and I also love the table and cabinet. The adjacent kitchen maintains that rustic charm with wood beams and whitewashed cabinetry, but brings in a bit of the modern with a stainless steel island:

Living Room:

I like the shades of light blue the designers incorporated into the Master Bedroom, helping to make it a soft and relaxing space:

A little bit darker of a blue creates a casual and inviting atmosphere in the Sitting Room:

Don’t be surprised if I post more about white spaces–they’re really speaking to me these days!



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